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Hugh in "Mr. Pip"

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    Hugh in "Mr. Pip"

    Hugh wird in "Mr. Pip" zu sehen sein. Der Drehbeginn ist für nächsten Monat angesetzt.

    Andrew Adamson is attached to direct House star Hugh Laurie in Mr. Pip, an adaptation of the Lloyd Jones novel that Adamson has adapted for the screen. Shooting will begin in New Zealand next month, and Focus Features International has acquired international rights.

    Laurie will play Mr. Watts, the last white man left on the war-torn island of Bougainville. Asked to open a school there, he reads the kids his favorite novel, Great Expectations. He bonds with the children over the book, which sheds some perspective on their own difficult lives. Adamson will produce with Leslie Urdang, Dean Vanech and Robin Scholes. Eyeworks New Zealand and Agio Capital are co-financing and the New Zealand Film Commission, NZ on Air and TV3 are also investors. UTA Independent Film Group put together the pieces.
    Adamson, who directed the first two installments of Shrek and The Chronicles of Narnia, is also aligned with James Cameron on a series of 3D Cirque du Soleil feature, the first of which has already been shot.

    "From the first words of the novel, and the first image of the screenplay, I was hooked on Mr. Pip," said Laurie. "It's an immensely touching, unique, yet completely unsentimental story of love. It is unlike any script I have read, or any story I have ever heard. Plus I get to go to Papua New Guinea and call it work. I am a very lucky man."

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    Expectations for filming locations

    Oamaru and North Otago locations could be used for a major Hollywood film starring actor Hugh Laurie.

    A new company is adapting best-selling book Mr Pip into a film with a screenplay written by New Zealand producer Andrew Adamson.

    Film representatives and location scouts visited Oamaru and North Otago just after Easter to evaluate locations.

    These included the Oamaru historic precinct and its buildings, Oamaru harbour and two rural areas.

    However, the film's publicist, Sue May, yesterday said that while North Otago locations were being considered for the film, it had "not been absolutely confirmed".

    "Several factors need to be confirmed, with the film still in the planning stages," she told the Otago Daily Times.

    Mr Pip, written by New Zealander Lloyd James in 2006, was short-listed for the British Booker Prize.

    It tells the story of the last white man left on the strife-torn island of Bougainville during the 1990 blockade by Papua New Guinea. He reopens a school and uses the Dickens' novel Great Expectations to inspire students, particularly a gifted 14-year-old named Matilda.

    The film will be shot on location in Bourgainville and New Zealand.

    Laurie, formerly of the Blackadder series and star of the television series House, read the screenplay while on a plane flight and was hooked, knowing by the time he had landed that he would make the film.

    "It's an immensely touching, unique yet completely unsentimental story of love. It is unlike any script I have read or any story I have heard - plus I get to go to New Guinea and call it work.

    "I'm a very lucky man," he said.

    Laurie would not need to not take part in any filming at any of the possible locations in New Zealand.

    Waitaki District Council corporate services manager Carolyn Carter said it was to be partly filmed in the historic precinct and harbour area of Oamaru, as well as in Campbell Park and Fortification Rd at Totara.

    Filming was scheduled between July 18 and August 20, she said.

    Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust chairman Phil Hope said representatives from the production company were shown around the historic area and harbour just after Easter.

    The area had been used for films before, an excellent use of Oamaru's heritage buildings.

    Other films had included the Dutch production Bride Flight in the historic precinct, while North Otago had been used for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

    New Zealand director Andrew Adamson, who optioned the rights to the book, both directed the movie Shrek 2 and was co-screewriter and the director of the first two Chronicles of Narnia series movies.

    A company, Mr Pip Ltd, was registered in New Zealand in March, with Mr Adamson owning 90% of the shares and Eyeworks NZ Ltd the other 10%.

    Leslie Urdang and Dean Vanech, of Olympic Pictures, are financing and producing the project with Robin Scholes, of Eyeworks New Zealand and Agio Capital.

    The New Zealand Film Commission, NZ on Air and Network TV3 are also involved.

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    Filming began in Bougainville today for Mr Pip.


    A former Bougainville MP, Francesca Semosa, who has been cast in the film, told Radio New Zealand International the story was close to many people's hearts, and would portray the hardships of women, children and men during the civil war.

    The Post Courier newspaper, in Port Moresby, reported that the filming on location in Pidia, near Arawa, was expected to help promote tourism.

    The film will also be shot in New Zealand: Waitaki District Council has said parts will be filmed in the historic precinct and harbour area of Oamaru, as well as in Campbell Park and Fortification Rd at Totara, between July 18 and August 20.

    Actor Hugh Laurie, formerly of the Blackadder series and star of the television series House, stars in the movie but is not expected to be involved in the New Zealand filming.


    The House of Fan - Hugh Laurie in "Mister Pip" - Radio New Zealand

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    The House of Fan - Hugh in "Mr. Pip" - Interview with Producer Robin Scholes

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    VSA’s Bougainville volunteers and staff had a chance to tour the set and meet some of the cast and crew of Mister Pip on a recent visit to the village of Pidia, where the film is currently being shot.

    The group of Arawa-based volunteers, along with Bougainville country programme manager Murray Benbow, travelled to Pidia in the motorised banana boats that will be donated to the village once filming is finished.

    The boats were part of a “village deal” Murray helped broker with the villagers last year. His work was important in making sure that filming of Mister Pip – based on the novel by Lloyd Jones and starring British actor Hugh Laurie – took place in Bougainville rather than Solomon Islands,

    While they were in Pidia the VSA group saw the church, school room and school master’s house that had been specially built for the film, and watched a beach scene featuring local children being filmed. They also spotted Hugh Laurie and musician Tim Finn, who is composing the music for the film.
    Murray says the filming has created a sense of excitement and anticipation in Bougainville.

    “I have heard several times people saying that this will show what people really experienced during the conflict,” he says.

    The filming, which is scheduled to finish in early July, has provided some unexpected opportunities for VSA volunteers and their partners – including appearing as extras in a scene showing white expats escaping the conflict in Bougainville. Volunteer Virginia Pycroft has also helped with the production’s finances, while Lindsay Riddick, husband of volunteer Nora Riddick, spent several days working as Hugh Laurie’s “stand-in” before filming began. Rosie Hall, wife of volunteer Dave Hall, has been providing administrative support to the film crew.

    Rosie is also busy cataloguing the 500 books which arrived in the container used to transport the film equipment to Bougainville. Rosie is helping set up a library to cater for the wide range of age groups at a local primary school.

    “Friends and service groups in New Zealand very generously donated about 500 books for the library, but the cost of postage was a big hurdle in getting them to Bougainville,” she says. “We are really grateful that the film crew were able to bring the books with their equipment.”
    She has already taken some of the books to the school, much to the delight of both pupils and staff.

    “They’re thrilled with their developing library.”
    Quelle: VSA

    EDIT 17.07.2011

    Casting Infos:

    A phone call from Mr Pip extras casting co-ordinator Yvonne Bennett to the South Canterbury Citizens' Advice Bureau has landed the organisation a fun and unusual way to raise money.

    Work on a film adaptation of Kiwi author Lloyd Jones' Mr Pip is due to start in North Otago next month, and Timaru's Richard Pearse Airport has been chosen to double as the airport at Australian mining town Mt Isa.

    The movie has been adapted by Kiwi director Andrew Adamson, who directed the Shrek and Narnia movies, and stars British actor Hugh Laurie.

    Rain, snow or sunshine, filming at the airport is set to take place on August 15 and up to 120 extras may be needed on the day.

    Ms Bennett contacted the bureau for advice on ways of getting the casting information out to the community.

    Bureau manager Suzanne Cullimore said the volunteer who answered the call said the bureau could supply some of its own volunteers.

    There are still more extras, in a range of age groups, needed for the movie, Ms Bennett said. She was also on the lookout for vehicles from 1993 and earlier "utes and trucks and Holdens and Fords would be good. Please, no bright red.
    Quelle: The Timaru Herald
    Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken Miniaturansichten angehängter Grafiken resizedimage600450-misterpip1.jpg   resizedimage600450-misterpip2.jpg  

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    Mister Pip filming starts | Oamaru News | Local News in Oamaru

    The cameras were rolling in Oamaru's Victorian Precinct on Friday as filming for Mister Pip finally got under way.

    Traffic travelling along Tyne St was tightly controlled as the area was transformed into a dream-like representation of Victorian London.

    Absolute secrecy was required to preserve the visual imagery of the film for its audience, so media were forbidden from photographing the cast and set.

    Filming was very nearly derailed by wintry weather earlier in the week and co-producer Geoff Linville from Olympus pictures was very glad the weather had cleared.

    The filming almost had to be rescheduled due to weather, he said.

    The filming took place during two days at the weekend.

    Filming had to wrap before it got dark.

    Around 50 extras were brought into town for the production but most of the props were sourced locally.

    The two days' filming in Oamaru would likely translate to four or five minutes on the big screen, depending on how the film was cut, Mr Linville said.

    The film, based on the best-selling novel by Kiwi author Lloyd Jones, is a story about courage and the power of imagination.

    Set in Bougainville, the movie will be filmed in New Zealand and on location on the island.

    When the eccentric Mr Watts (played by Hugh Laurie), the last white man left on war-torn Bougainville, is asked to reopen the school, he begins to read the children his favourite novel, Great Expectations.

    Matilda, a gifted 14-year-old student, conjures the novel's Victorian characters and befriends Pip, who helps her to endure the violence and moral uncertainty of her daily life.

    It inspires her not only to survive, but to love, forgive, and celebrate the power of her own voice.

    The scenes filmed in Oamaru are Matilda's imagining of what London would be like.

    Laurie was not present at the New Zealand part of the filming.

    The Oamaru Mail's coverage of the filming is not as colourful as some of our competitor's because unlike them we obeyed the conditions of our being at the shoot and did not photograph the cast and set.

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    Aus einem Interview mit Kerry FOX:

    And you’re going to be in a film next year, Mister Pip?
    “Yes, I play Hugh Laurie’s ex-wife. But I don’t get any scenes with him; he’s dead by the time I’m on!”
    Quelle: What's on TV

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    Gibt es eigentlich inzwischen Neuigkeiten zu einem möglichen Kinostart?

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    [First Look] Elle Fanning In ‘Ginger and Rosa’; Hugh Laurie Is Andrew Adamson’s ‘Mr. Pip’ In diesem Artikel gibt es ein Photo mit Hugh Laurie in dem Film Mr. Pip.

    3 Photos vom Mr. Pip Set findet ihr hier Donald Duncan Cinematography | A showcase of creative imagery

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