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Greetings for Hugh Laurie

Erstellt von Alexil, 02.01.2007, 14:33 Uhr · 15 Antworten · 9.353 Aufrufe

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    Greetings for Hugh Laurie

    Hi Guys

    I am not sure whetheryou realised that the forum or better to say Moondust from our forum send a letter to Hugh Laurie. The letter and reactions

    Now imagine. Hugh Laurie finds the time to enter the internet and visit our forum.
    The only problem is that I am sure he doesn´t speak German.
    So the only thing he could do would be looking at the pictures, being impressed because of the design and not much more. He can´t read our texts or our FanFictions, he doesn´t know what we are writing about.

    My idea is right now: Imagine Hugh Laurie enters our forum and he visits this Theme. What would you write? What is it that you always wanted to tell him but can´t because you never met him at all.

    I know that the chance that he will ever visit this side is very low. But thinking about it and imagining he would is great and so I think give our imaginary Hugh Laurie the chance to understand a bit of what we are writing here, tell him why you like him or whatever, just tell him something.

    And now some words to you Mr. Laurie.
    As I said I think that the chance you will ever read this is very low. But nontheless I wanna tell that I am great Fan of your work. You are a brilliant comedian, a fantastic actor and I suppose an unbelievable man. I am huge fan of the series House M.D. and I hope that it will be as successfull in the future as it is right now. Despite that I hope that you have as much fun to play House as we have so amazingly huge fun to watch him.
    I wish you the very best for you and your family and good luck for the future. I hope that I will get the chance to meet one day and to shake hands.
    I bow to your work and to you as a man. Go on like this.

    Your Fan Anne from Berlin, Germany

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    What a wonderful idea! Hm, what would I say to Hugh Laurie?...

    I would like to tell him that I love House and how he plays this Character! "House MD" is a great series, the best one I 've been knowing for years, and I hope he likes to play House and wants to do it for many, many seasons...

    O, and we have to say that all users here are completely ill. It's like a disease - House watching... it expands in whole Germany... it has to!

    And sorry for my English...

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    @ Dr. M

    Your english is very good, don't underrate yourself .

    Hmmm. and what would I like to tell him...
    ...well maybe, that I already begin to wait for the new episod on next week, after those one I saw (on that day, here in Germany every Tuesday )ended.
    That I mostly like to listen to the discusion of Wilson and him because they are mostly funny but also seriously backgrounded.

    Hmmm.maybe thats all for now.

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    really great idea Alexil!

    At fist: My english knowledge is not very good but... I try

    Hmm.. what would I tell him?

    I like all of his work and of course I love how he plays the charakter "House". I`ve watched Season two in english although my english was worser than now (If that`s possible ) and I was faszinated! Now I´ve got "FOX" to watch Season 3, too.
    I love everything of "House MD".
    Okey, that´s all for now. Of course I wish him and his family the best for the new year.

    Natascha (15), Germany

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    A letter for Hugh?
    in english? :ideehaben:

    Okay, i'll try, too. Nobody is perfect so don't care about my english, okay?

    Dear Mr. Laurie,

    I am a fan of House M.D. since only two month, because i not knew the series before. But from the first day i was infected with the virus named "House" and so i start to watch tv every tuesday evening at 21.15.

    I never miss one of the showed episodes - and on second christmas day i was worried because of having other tv programm on this tuesday evening as usual on other tuesday evenings

    I waiting for next episode every week, and i start to wish the week has gone again to tuesday evening, when the showed episode is gone...

    I wish you and your family health and luck for the new year, you should get many emmys and other prices for beeing an actor like you are now - still great!!

    And i hope you like to play "Gregory House" and have fun with it do it for many seasons... (this is like a wish for me, too )

    Finally i just want to say that i am in respect of your unbelieveable talents. You're a great actor and comedian, you are playing piano and guitar like a professional. it needs a lot of diszipline to learn playing like a professional i think, so i am really in deep respect for you.

    Best wishes,

    your fan Astrid (25) from Upper-Austria

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    Uh, what to say?

    Dear Mr. Laurie,

    Thank you! For all the fun I have every time watching the series.

    All the best to you and your family!

    Patty from Bavaria

    Short and simple.

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    könntet ihr ma bidde

    das auf deutsch schreibn bidde ``?? ich boin eine niete in englisch .

    Hugh 4-eveerrr

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    RE: könntet ihr ma bidde

    Original von Housedreschy
    das auf deutsch schreibn bidde ``?? ich boin eine niete in englisch .
    Hugh 4-eveerrr
    So, Hugh should be as good in German as you in English. But the sense in this subject consists in the fact that Hugh can understand it if he bumps by chance into our page.

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    Cool hello

    Hello !!I'm new at this Forum!Im a big big fan from Dr.House!!Becaus i find that Cameron is very very nice!!this is a beautiful side^^Sorry i#m not so good at english!!

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    RE: hello

    Original von drhousefan91
    Hello !!I'm new at this Forum!Im a big big fan from Dr.House!!Becaus i find that Cameron is very very nice!!this is a beautiful side^^Sorry i#m not so good at english!!
    Das jetzt mal in Deutsch!!! Weil einige es anscheinend nicht verstehen:

    Lest euch verdammt noch mal den Thread erst durch beovr ihr postet, dann würdet ihr auch erkennen, worum es hier eigentlich geht...!!!!! Und dann merkst du zum Beispiel, dass dein Post hier nichts verloren hat!!!

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