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Olivia in "In Time"

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    Olivia in "In Time"

    Ein paar Informationen zu Olivia's neuem Film "In Time", der am 28. Oktober in den USA in die Kinos kommt.

    Die Hauptrollen übernehmen Justin Timberlake ("Bad Teacher") und Amanda Seyfried ("Chloe"). In weiteren Rollen sind Cillian Murphy ("28 Days Later"), Alex Pettyfer ("Ich bin Nummer Vier") und Olivia Wilde ("TRON: Legacy") zu sehen. In Time - Deine Zeit läuft ab wird hoffentlich ohne Zeitverzögerung am 03. November 2011 in die Kinos kommen.


    In nicht allzuferner Zukunft hat die Menschheit es geschafft, die natürliche Alterung zu stoppen. Zudem ist die einzige verbleibende Währung, die Zeit. Um eine Überbevölkerung auf der Erde zu verhindern, bleibt jedem Menschen ab dem 25 Lebensjahr nur noch ein Jahr zum Leben. Will er länger leben, muss er sich seine Zeit verdienen. Dies erlaubt den Reichen, ein nahezu unbefristetes Leben zu führen, während die Armen um jede Sekunde kämpfen müssen. Manch ein Verzweifelter versucht über betrügerische Tricks an zusätzliche Lebenszeit zu gelangen. Als Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) unerwartet an mehr als 100 zusätzliche Lebensjahre gelangt, wird er von einer Spezialeinheit der Polizei rund um Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy) gejagt.
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    WILL SALAS (Justin Timberlake)
    Rich with bravado and courage but poor with time, Will is constantly in motion, running, searching, and working for every minute and second he can scrape up. After Will helplessly watches a family member's clock tick down to zero (and a sudden death), he embarks on a journey that will forever change him, his beautiful accomplice and the world around them.

    The privileged daughter of an incalculably wealthy power broker, Sylvia is the embodiment of how the rich never truly live. She's always dreamed of taking risks, but instead does little but wait for her trust fund to kick in. But Sylvia's life takes a dramatic turn when she's taken hostage by a man on the run, who ultimately shows Sylvia what it truly means to be alive.

    Like everyone else, Philippe looks like he's in his mid-twenties, but he has the bearing of a much older man. With 10,000 years on his body clock and at least a million more "banked." Philippe is essentially immortal. In a world where time is the ultimate currency, Philippe is one of its biggest movers-and-shakers.

    The cold-blooded leader of a gang called the Minutemen, Fortis preys on anyone with time to spare. He lives to steal time and fears no one – not even the law enforcement officials known as Timekeepers.

    Raymond Leon is a relentless law enforcement official known as a Timekeeper. Leon is unconcerned with justice; to him, all that matters is what he can measure, such as seconds, minutes and hours. Leon grew up in the ghetto, but he has no feelings for those now trapped there. After all, Leon didn't start the clock -- but he will enforce its rules.

    Henry is well-dressed, well-heeled and time-rich. But beneath his aristocratic bearing is an unexpected sadness. The emotional burden of a life of unearned privilege weighs heavily on Henry, and to make things right, he's prepared to offer the ultimate sacrifice.

    RACHEL SALAS (Olivia Wilde)
    Rachel is the stunningly beautiful mother of Will Salas. Like so many in her “district,” Rachel must scramble to earn enough time to make it through each day. Rachel’s plans to celebrate her birthday with Will take a fateful turn when she suddenly realizes she lacks the time credits to make it home – triggering a race against her own ticking clock.

    Kind-hearted and empathetic in a society where neither quality is valued, Levi runs a mission, where transients line up outside for donated time. But he also provides something far more valuable than currency: hope.
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