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Cate S.: I’ve been very disappointed to hear the news about Jennifer Morrison leaving House. Is there any hope that this is temporary, and Jen will be back full time?

At this point it seems like Jen might be back for a guest spot or two, but that’s it. Sorry. E! News recently caught up with House costar Lisa Edelstein and apparently we fans weren’t the only ones who were shocked by Morrison’s sudden departure. Lisa told us, “Jennifer is an incredibly gracious, professional, sweet, lovely woman and I hadn’t the faintest idea until I said something really dumb on set because I didn’t know. But I can’t really tell you what I said, because it has to do with a storyline that hasn’t come out yet. But essentially [it was] ‘How come your character keeps leaving and coming back?’ as a joke. I had no idea. I was the last person to know. That’s because she was just so incredibly professional and did her job and never let on to anyone what was going on. It was pretty impressive. She will be missed, I don’t think she’s going to have any trouble, so I’m not worried about her.”

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