2×07 – Auf der Jagd (Hunting)

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    Hachja… House und Stacy… 8o Und Steve… =)

    Aber einer der geilsten Dialoge gab’s mal wieder zwischen House und Wilson:

    Wilson: So now you’ve got to drum up another excuse to be around the love of your life. Could hit another patient
    House: Nyah, don’t like to repeat myself. People will say I’m formulaic
    Wilson: Well that rules out letting the rat go so you can catch him again
    House: I can’t do that, Steve needs two weeks antibiotics and a smoke-free environment. Cigarettes aggravated his infection
    Wilson: The rat is actually sick? That thing could infect the entire hospital!
    House: Steve’s infection is not contagious to humans. I’m an idiot. How did I miss micoplasmosis? Was that the kid’s father?
    Wilson: Yeah. Remember the black death? Started with rats
    House: What’s he doing in the hallway? His kid getting his biopsy already?
    Wilson: He just won’t go in the room. Who knows what else he has – parasites? Bacterial infection?
    House: Kid doesn’t have parasites
    Wilson: Not the kid, the rat!
    House: Was he still sweating?
    Wilson: Rats only sweat through their tails
    House: Not the rat, the dad! [Wilson doesn’t have an answer. House starts walking back towards the dad] Where are they from?
    Wilson: Err… Montana. What’s going on?
    House: You were right, it’s a parasite. Cancel the biopsy. it’ll kill him. [bangs his cane against the glass wall of the room the dad is in] Hey daddy, come with me!


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